Hi, I'm a designer and creative technologist, intrigued by the space between things, thoughts, and people.

I'm currently investigating the future of news with The Seattle Times, proving that New Yorkers are friendly, and getting faster at biking uphill. This year, I complete my Masters in HCI + Design.

I tell complex stories in intuitive ways.

Before I moved to Seattle for the MHCI+D program, I was Digital Media Manager at New York's Guggenheim Museum. I designed the Guggenheim app's Webby-nominated spatial features in collaboration with developers.

My work transverses mobile, web, virtual, and physical environments. I love designing artifacts that describe journeys across these spaces. I have seven years of professional experience collaborating with and leading teams of designers, developers, artists, storytellers, and media makers.

When I think about  / space / ...

I think about how artifacts take on different meanings in different contexts or arrangements. When I build prototypes or videos, I see their placement within a larger experience as the key to impact.

One zebra is an attention-grabbing style icon.
Many zebras create a powerful dazzle camoflage, confusing predators in their natural environent.

Media work

My art been shown at venues, galleries, and festivals including The Juilliard School, the Brooklyn Academy of Music, and New York Creative Technology Week. In 2017, I designed video for the national ceremony commemorating U.S. entrance into World War I.

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